New: Fine Art Inkjet Prints

Two new Epson Inkjet printers are being put into operation in mid-December 2015: a smaller device that is able to produce both prints up to A2-format and also certified proofs, and a large Inkjet Printer. We print on paper, linen, rag, et cetera, and produce high-quality prints of up to 162 cm / 63’’ × maximum roll length.

Professional analogue and digital prints

Producing classic photographic prints on photo paper and using the wet photochemical process is our focus. From both analogue and digital materials we produce small- and large-format prints on color, black-and-white, barite papers as well as on high-gloss Fujiflex*. The maximum format for prints from digital data that are exposed on photo paper is 120 cm × 300 cm / 47’’ × 118’’, while analogue prints are possible up to a format of 120 cm × 180 cm / 47’’ × 70’’ (example: small-format negative).

Scans and image processing

Our specialty is producing scans with color matching and retouching. We make high-resolution scans from negatives, slides, glass plates, large-format images, as well as non-transparent originals with a Hasselblad Flextight and two larger flatbed scanners. Our offer includes general image processing, color matching, and retouching, also for video, as well as the preparation of data for printing. We also digitize archives and holdings such as books or cards and offer conventional repro-photography.